Training FAQs


General FAQs

Q: What is Adobe Training Services


Adobe Training Services is the leading provider of training and certification on Adobe products with delivery of training to customers and partners.

Q: What courses are offered?


Training courses are offered on all Adobe products, either through Adobe Training Services or our authorized training partners.

Q: What are the benefits of training courses?


Training courses help you become more proficient on Adobe products. Read more about the benefits of training here.

Q: How do I take a training course?


For classes offered by Adobe Training Services, simply find the class you’d like to take at a location near you and complete the registration process on this site. (See all currently available courses.) For classes offered from Adobe Training Partners, use the Partner Finder to search for a partner offering training in your area and complete your registration through that partner.

Q: Can I request on-site training at my company?


Yes. Please note that this service is not available in India. Private Customer premises course is limited to 12 students. Price includes travel costs. Any unused portion of this Adobe Professional Services engagement will expire 12 months after the effective date and may not be carried over or used for any purpose. Price includes up to 12 students. Request on-site training.

Q: How do I cancel my registration for a course?


Any request to cancel an Adobe Training Services course registration must be received in writing and confirmed by Adobe at least 10 business days before the start of the applicable course. The course may then be rescheduled within the next 12 months at no additional charge. (Please note that Adobe is only able to reschedule courses; no refunds of course fees are given at this time.) See more details and begin the cancellation process.

Q: Is there a recorded version of the virtual classes offered through Adobe Training Partners that can be used for later reference?


We are currently developing a recording and reference process, and recordings of online courses not available at this time.

Q: I'm not sure which course if right for me. Where should I start?


You can start your search for training courses based on the Adobe products you are interested in. Full course descriptions are available to help you learn more. You are also welcome to contact us for recommendations of courses for specific products—we’d be happy to help.

Regional exceptions

Q: Are courses offered worldwide?


Adobe currently offers regional courses in EMEA, Asia Pacific, Japan, Canada and on-site courses worldwide.

Adobe Authorized Training Center partners are authorized by Adobe to provide courses at their company location. (Please note, AATC partners focus mainly on Adobe Creative Suite product training.)

Q: Are credit cards accepted worldwide?


Credit card payments are accepted in North America, select European and select Asia Pacific regions. If you are not presented with an option to purchase via credit card, you'll will need contact our sales department to purchase via Purchase Order. Once you have a Purchase Order, you can then register for a course.

Q: How do I register for a course outside of North America if I don’t have my contract number?


Please contact your Adobe Account Manager or Sales Manager. He or she will be able to help you find your contract number and you can register from there.

Q: In which language are the courses held (EMEA)?


Our trainers speak several languages. The language used depends on attendees: If there is one person in the class who does not speak a local language, we offer the course in English.

Q: In which language are the course materials (EMEA)?


Our course materials are available in English.

Q: I have registered for my training course in EMEA. When will I receive the confirmation email?


For all EMEA course registrations, a confirmation email will be sent at about one week before the course starts.

Q: In which language are the courses held (JPAC)?


For Japan based deliveries, training course materials are localized in Japanese. All other deliveries will be in English

Q: In which language are the course materials (JPAC)?


Training course materials in JPAC are mainly localized.

Q: I want to make an on-site or regional training request for countries not listed in the registration area. Can I request on-site training in a country that is not specified?


Yes. Please contact us directly with your request and we will provide more information.

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